The Hayden: A Columbus, OH Revitalization Showcases C-PACE in its Capital Stack

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Market Growth, News

On Columbus Ohio’s Capitol Square, a historic revitalization is taking place thanks to the vision of developer and property Owner, Michael Tomko, president of The Tomko Company, and the support of more than $4.6 million in C-PACE capital from Greenworks Lending. In this video, Michael Tomko is joined by Greenworks Lending’s Billy Patterson, Caleb Bell a partner at Bricker and Eckler, and Jarret Kelly from Plug Smart.  Together they introduce the significance of the project and the role of C-PACE capital.

“C-PACE financing is a great asset to this project because it’s a complicated project,” stated Michael Tomko.  “As a historic redevelopment project we have layered incentives, and C-PACE funding from Greenworks fits very nicely into the capital stack to reduce developer equity and drive stronger returns.”

As is visible in the video, this urban core revitalization project is well underway with many of the infrastructure measures supported by C-PACE financing serving as the groundwork for the $25 million renovation. Leasing is expected to begin in early 2019. For more information on the property, please visit