The Hayden Offices


16 and 20 East Broad Street sat vacant for ten years before the Tomko Company bought the property. As a result of this long-standing time with no use, the mechanical systems were not operational and needed to be replaced. Along with new infrastructure, the new owners plan to keep the historical nature of the two buildings while also meeting indoor air quality and building code standards.

Property Summary

The Hayden is a two-building property located in the center of the downtown business district of Columbus, Ohio. The 100-year old buildings total 103,223 square feet and are newly renovated to accommodate small tech and creative firms with flexible spaces for offices. Future plans to merge the two lobbies and create first-floor retail are also being considered.


Plug Smart worked with the Tomko Company to find every opportunity to improve efficiencies while creating a more tenant-friendly and productive environment. Their focus is to enhance the bottom line of the company to help pay for the project over time.

Nuveen Green Capital’s C-PACE financing reduced the required equity, increased return on equity, and decreased overall cost of capital."

Michael Tomko, President, The Tomko Company

High efficiency HVAC, lighting and elevator controls in over 100,000 square feet of office space

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