Sign Pro, Plantsville CT


Sign Pro, a leading signage manufacturer in Connecticut for more than 30 years, operates a 40,000 square foot LEED certified production facility in Plantsville.  In 2018, the well-known company with a highly visible property facing Interstate 84 put the finishing touches on its recently constructed building with the installation of a 293kW solar array composed of 890 panels.

“When work began, many passersby assumed we were adding a sign to our rooftop, but the building is beautiful just the way we built it out,” stated Pete Rappoccio, Owner and Founder.  “What we were doing was installing a solar array that will power our production well into the future.  Not only does it help meet our sustainability goals, but we are able to keep costs down so we’re simply more competitive,” he stated.

Beyond C-PACE financing from Nuveen Green Capital, the sustainability-minded firm benefited from a zero renewable energy credit (ZREC) contract with the state utility, giving them the ability to sell back to the grid excess power produced.

Property Summary

60 Westfield Drive in Plantsville CT is the mailing address, but most know Sign Pro’s headquarters and manufacturing facility as the “Sign Pro” building on Interstate 84 at Southington.  What isn’t as well known is that the building produces far more than signs for buildings and vehicles.  It’s a virtual power plant producing 345,000 kW/year, the carbon offset equivalent of planting 224,309 trees.


Smart Roofs Solar is a commercial energy, commercial solar, LED and roofing services firm based in Newtown, Connecticut. The firm specializes in designing and building solar energy systems that yield lower and more predictable energy cost for 25 plus years. Included in their design is financial planning that covers grants, incentives and financing such as C-PACE.

293kW solar array designed to meet 100% of production needs.

"Not only does it help meet our sustainability goals, but we are able to keep costs down so we're simply more competitive"

– Pete Rappoccio, Owner and Founder, Sign Pro

"Helping businesses such as Sign Pro fuel their business growth through renewable energy is exactly what drives us to tailor the right solution for every install."

– Joe Chenoweth, President of Smart Roofs Solar

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