Located in Ridgefield, CT, Nod Hill Brewery crafts expressive, balanced, and unique beers that encourage a spirit of thoughtful enjoyment. Realizing the importance and value in renewable energy, the owners decided to go solar.

Property Summary

A 287kW solar system installed by Smart Roofs Solar generates 100% of their power consumption and helps their dual focus of environmental responsibility and bottom-line savings. Funded through C-PACE, they will realize net savings every year using the program. And for every 12 packs of beer brewed at Nod Hill, the equivalent of 1 tree is planted!

“A core value of Nod Hill Brewery is sustainability and protection of the environment. Solar helps us achieve this goal. This was a

complicated process that we are happy to say Smart Roofs Solar and Nuveen Green Capital have managed and educated us on along the


– Robert Kaye, Founding partner & CFO, Nod Hill Brewery

Year One Savings ($)

Lifetime Savings ($)