Mayfly Outdoors


Mayfly Outdoors sought to create a new corporate headquarters campus, one that could not only meet their manufacturing needs, but also serve as a showcase for their core products (fly fishing equipment) and a destination for trial and use by brand loyalists.  The 160+ acre campus is situated on the Uncompahgre River in the heart of downtown Montrose Colorado.  Accompanying the opportunity to develop a new facility, the organization is co-developing a recreational trail while allocating 42 of its nearly 160 acres to the municipality’s ecological redevelopment efforts.  The headquarters project represents the first use of C-PACE finance for new construction in Colorado. One million dollars in funding from Greenworks through the C-PACE program will cover the lighting, HVAC and upgraded boilers so that Mayfly can operate with energy efficiency for the long term.

View our case video above, or click to read an article from Bisnow for more details and data about this project.

Property Summary

Mayfly Outdoors’ newly constructed 41,000 SF facility is a part of a corporate campus designed to attract like manufacturers as well as product enthusiasts wishing to tour a production facility complete with demonstrations and lessons by the waterside.  The Mayfly building features natural stone and glass architecture, placing a premium on energy efficiency.


Ridgway Valley Enterprises is delivering the energy efficient portions of the Mayfly headquarters project. RVE values communication and partnering with skilled professionals in order to bring efficiency and affordability to a project. This woman owned small business takes pride in providing their clients with cost effective infrastructure while creating a network of partnerships to grow their business.

“It’s great to find a partner in Greenworks who aligns well with our vision. Every feature was carefully considered to make the building a clean, energy efficient facility, but also attractive looking.”

David Dragoo, President of Mayfly Outdoors

Colorado Outdoors is expected to create 1,205 permanent jobs over the next 10 years

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100+ acre campus next to the Uncompahgre River

41,000 square foot facility for new headquarters

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