Finishing Touch


Robert Ramsey focused on his tenant experience and operational costs as motivation to upgrade the 60+ year old HVAC system and high efficiency windows throughout. The mixed-use building was vastly improved and is now more tailored toward customer and renter comfort. Owner of Finishing Touch, Robert Ramsey explained how investing in energy efficient infrastructure will help improve his business.

“In the long term, the savings will actually pat for the renovations, allowing a property such as this to thrive as an important piece of this community.”

Property Summary

309 and 311 High Street operate as one retail frame shop located in the middle of downtown Chestertown, MD and it also provides multifamily residences above to local tenants. The owner of the 7,632 square foot property has operated his shop for 40 + years and the upstairs apartments allow for this business to be a vital part to the community.


Pinder Services assisted the owner with the sale and installation of the HVAC system in the building. This new system is expected to lower costs for the owner and increase the tenants comfort. Blue Heron Construction helped to update the new energy efficient windows for maximum productivity. Both companies worked together to increase the value of the property with these systems.

"Nuveen Green Capital was fabulous working with me throughout the process, to be able to have a new HVAC system put in and new windows and have it done in a way that’s going to end up saving me money is the core benefit of C-PACE."

Robert Ramsey, Owner, Finishing Touch

High efficiency HVAC and windows to increase property value

Annual energy savings (therms)

Lifetime Savings ($)