Brewport Brewing Co.


Located in Bridgeport, CT, Brewport Brewing Co. enriches lives with pizza, salad, drinks, and beer. It is the largest Brewpub in the state of CT, with 16,000 feet dedicated to brewing authentic historically accurate beers, thin crust pizza, and salads. The property was built in the late 1940’s as a Newspaper Distribution Center and still contains the original bricks and beam structure.

Property Summary

The Brewport Brewing Co. team installed a 105 kW solar system to support their desire to be sustainable as well as save money. The project was funded through C-PACE and installed by C-Tech Solar. The owners will see net savings every year using the program.

“It has been a pleasure working with Nuveen Green Capital. I encourage everyone with a roof to consider Nuveen Green Capital and the C-PACE program in their planning and decision process. Our nation and our planet need businesses focused on long-term societal successes, and the C-PACE program with Nuveen Green Capital is part of a winning strategy that will benefit us all.”

– Bruce A. Barrett, President, Brewport Brewing Company

Year One Savings ($)

Lifetime Savings ($)