Spring Born Greenhouse


Nuveen Green Capital provided $3.6M in C-PACE financing for energy efficiency measures, including the building envelope, lighting, HVAC, and boiler, all of which will contribute to the greenhouse’s ability to function sustainably, while using about 95% less water than traditional farming.

Property Summary

Spring Born Greenhouse, located at 584 County Road 331, just outside of Silt, Colorado, is a new, ground-up construction project that represents a growing trend in sustainable agriculture and hydroponic farms. The Greenhouse’s energy efficiency and water savings measures are particularly important as Colorado faces decreased water supply, due to a decline in the Colorado River’s water flow, caused by climate change, along with the state’s growing population and demand for water.

“Spring Born is the largest clean energy greenhouse facility in the state of Colorado, and we are excited that we will be seeing many more of these constructed. By working with the team at Nuveen Green Capital to use C-PACE financing to fund the water savings, as well as other energy efficiency measures, this facility is able to recycle 100% of its water, and there is 0 water runoff. In addition, the ranch reuses the soil from the growhouse, which creates additional efficiencies for the ranch operations, as well.”

Charles Barr
President, Spring Born

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