Golden Valley Orchard


Nuveen Green Capital provided $518K in C-PACE financing to retrofit the orchard’s drip irrigation system for improved water savings as part of a conversion of about 600-acress of prune trees to almond trees. In addition, Nuveen Green Capital will fund $1.2M for the installation of solar arrays, which will further contribute to the orchard’s water savings and energy efficiency measures, as well as an estimated $1M in energy savings over the lifespan of the measures.

Property Summary

Golden Valley Orchard is a 2,330-acre walnut and almond orchard located along the Pacific Coast in Yuba County, California, approximately 45-minutes north of Sacramento. The orchard, which is part of Golden Valley, an agricultural supply company, founded by two immigrants, represents an “American Dream” story. The founders built Golden Valley from startup to growing organization that now services 1,400 farms with over 500 vendors.

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