169 Callender Road


Building Owner Domenic Coviello was facing challenges when his existing rooftop units broke down unexpectedly, leaving him with unhappy tenants and an unbudgeted equipment replacement.  By accessing C-PACE funding through Nuveen Green Capital, Domenic was able to secure all the capital he needed to install high performance rooftop units and also pay for some of the deferred maintenance costs associated with his inefficient old units.

Property Summary

169 Callender Road is a single story, multi-tenant commercial and light manufacturing building owned by 169 Callender Rd, Inc. with four tenants including a manufacturer and a daycare.  Utitec, the anchor tenant, is a precision metal manufacturing company.


Trane is an international climate control company which has been in business since 1885 with its first air conditioner patent in 1931. It was acquired by Ingersoll Rand in 2008. Trane has completed a number of C-PACE financed projects with Nuveen Green Capital.

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