Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Nuveen Green Capital

Nuveen Green Capital’s Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Access to affordable financing for energy efficiency and clean energy in commercial buildings is necessary for reducing the effects of climate change for all people and essential to building wealth and resilience within local communities, main street businesses, and institutions. Nuveen Green Capital’s mission is to use the best forces of business – entrepreneurialism, creativity, diversity and collaboration – to achieve this objective.

Diversity enhances our mission. We recognize that impactful change requires innovation and adaptability and we believe that the inclusion of varied viewpoints and experiences leads to better ideas and creative solutions. Our mission also encompasses the health of communities in which we operate and lend; and the environment in which we interact with one another and our partners. We can’t and won’t ignore the damaging effects of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and ableism, which break down society’s ability to collaborate, innovate and develop systems where everyone thrives.

Nuveen Green Capital commits to continuously improving and evaluating our work with diversity, equity and inclusion – both within our organization and the broader communities where we work with and lend within. We recognize that our role to play goes beyond a statement – and it will continually evolve. We pledge to continuously review our practices to identify and weed out areas of inchoate discrimination and unconscious bias.

To start we are:

Continuously updating our recruiting practices to ensure they reflect the best opportunity to recruit and retain a diverse staff

Regularly reviewing our HR practices to ensure they reflect an environment welcoming to all cultures, life stages and family constellations

Conducting a review of our vendors and creating guidelines for vendor selection that includes corporate diversity as a factor

Building institutional knowledge among our team on issues at the intersection of climate change mitigation, environmental & social justice, and diversity, equity & inclusion, to identify areas we can impact through our business

Identifying internal and external metrics we can use to track Nuveen Green Capital's impact and increase accountability around diversity and equity initiatives, including evaluating our investment in businesses and neighborhoods of varied socio-economic status.