C-PACE for Energy Efficient Upgrades and Deferred Maintenance

The smartest way to finance building upgrades.

“PACE fit into my needs perfectly. Nuveen Green Capital was fabulous working with me throughout the process. To be able to have a new HVAC system put in and new windows and have it done in a way that’s going to end up saving me money is the core benefit of C-PACE. In the long term, the savings will actually pay for the renovations, allowing a property such as this to thrive as an important piece of this community. ”

— Robert Ramsey, Owner, Finishing Touch

Energy Efficiency Measures

Automated Building Controls

Adding or updating an automated control system can decrease electricity costs while also decreasing operational and maintenance costs.

HVAC Systems

New heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment (HVAC) can reach 97%+ efficiencies and reduce utility bills by between 20-50% while improving tenant comfort in all commercial settings.

Boilers, chillers and furnaces

High efficiency boilers and chillers reduce energy costs because they operate 20-40% more efficiently than existing equipment commonly found in older properties.

High Efficiency Lighting

A retrofit to LED lighting can lead to significant electrical savings for older buildings, while new construction projects can position themselves as green and conserve capital with C-PACE financing.

Hot Water Heating Systems

Making the switch to high efficiency hot water systems can reduce costs by 30%. Upgrading these systems also conserves water because they are more efficient than traditional hot water heating systems.

Variable Speed Drives

Reduce energy consumption and extend life of equipment by effectively matching a motor’s use to variable operating loads.

Water Conservation

Water saving infrastructure can greatly reduce waste from restrooms, heating and cooling, and landscaping. Opportunities to save are abundant in existing structures and are an important element of most new construction.


Storm resiliency measures can keep a building up and running to provide critical services or can protect mechanical components from damage in the event of a storm via strategic placement and prevention measures.

Building Envelope

Insulation, glazing, windows and other such improvements can save commercial buildings between 5-40% on energy cost and make building occupants more comfortable.

Preserve capital expenditure using C-PACE financing to replace old equipment


Improve building value by dropping operating expense and improving building equipment


Tax assessment structure may allow pass-through on NNN leases and room surcharge


Transparent, rapid approval process

Why Use Nuveen Green Capital?

Nuveen Green Capital is the leading provider of C-PACE financing in the country. Our founders launched and led the first successful C-PACE program and have brought their expertise to Nuveen Green Capital. Our dedicated team offers a transparent, rapid approval process. We are ready to assist you with all aspects of a C-PACE financed project.

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The dedicated Nuveen Green Capital project team is ready to assist with all aspects of a C-PACE financed project.

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