Developing and supporting a new finance structure and applying its use to real businesses feels very impactful. 

Tara Crotty

Head of Asset Management

Tara’s Nuveen Green Capital Story

Tara is Head of Asset Management at Nuveen Green Capital. Prior to Nuveen Green Capital, Tara worked at BlackRock, structuring and implementing alternative assets including CLOs and other opportunistic funds. She was also a product specialist, which included monitoring performance, covenants, and compliance matters, of a $30 billion re-structured Canadian securitization where BlackRock was hired as the asset manager and administrator.

Prior to BlackRock, she was a member of the structured finance group of Standard and Poor’s (S&P) where she reviewed and analyzed the credit, structure, and cash flows of various types of CDO securities in accordance with S&P’s criteria. Prior to S&P, she was a trustee at Deutsche Bank, administrating the cash flows, compliance, and investments of municipal bonds and asset backed securities. Tara received her undergraduate degree in Finance from Seton Hall University.